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Fishing Trips

Sea Hunt Extreme is also available for offshore, reef and inshore fishing.  Best time for big game fishing is from November to June, with marlin, wahoo and dolphinfish peaks from February to May.  Reef and inshore fishing action is constant year round.




4 hours - 400 US$ - 1 to 6 people

8 hours - 700 US$ - 1 to 6 people



Day Cruise

Join Sea Hunt Extreme crew on a relaxing day along the coast, visit some of the beautiful beaches and enjoy the amazing scenery of this tropical paradise. Depending on the weather, it is possible to go around the island if you choose the full day option.




4 hours - 400 US$ - 1 to 8 people

8 hours - 700 US$ - 1 to 8 people


Prices include: All taxes, pick up from your hotel/guest house, drinks/snacks on the boat, assistance from expert captain and crew at all times.  Discount available for multiple day bookings.  You can also customize your trip as desired:  Larger groups, more hours, overnight, etc.  Start planning!  


Downpayments are recommended to secure your trip (contact for bank details). The balance is due in cash at the time of your trip. If you need to cancel the trip, you must do so at least 48 hours before departure.




Yoga Sessions
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Experience yoga sessions given by Alejandra in some of Tobago's beautiful beaches. Great for increasing your freediving skills or if your wife/girlfriend is not coming fishing/spearfishing with you. Alejandra is a Psychologist (at the moment undertaking a Masters degree) and a certified life coach as well, visit her website for more information at




Teaching for free at the moment.



Improve your performance with meditation and hypnotherapy from your mental perspective. These tools go right to the point by focusing on specifics. If you are interested in this or other related services, contact Evy Y. Parkinson (Psychologist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, meditation and EFT Practitioner) at this link for more information




1 hour - 60 US$ per person

Important Notice:  No trips available at the moment.  Sorry for the inconvenience 

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