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"Great trip with good friends. Thank you Richard, Brian and Diving for a Cause"


Terry Maas.  Blue Water Hunting and Freediving Legend. Four times US spearfishing champion, 3 world records tunas, videographer, author of the Book: Blue Water Hunting and Freediving, inventor of the Freediver Recovery Vest. 

"We enjoyed ourselves every time we went out, it was always an adventure, thank you"


Mohammed J AlKuwari.  Owner of Qatar Sub. Professional spearfisherman & underwater videographer. Star of One Fish Going East and One Fish Legends spearfishing movies.

"We had a great time shooting kingfish and testing spearguns"


Chris Coates.  Professional spearfisherman and  underwater videographer. Star of One Fish Going East and One Fish Legends spearfishing movies. Founder of Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine.

"I could tell that we were in experienced and knowledgeable hands"


Colleen Gallagher.  Striped Marlin spearfishing World Record holder and Founder of Diving for a Cause (DFAC).

"Awesome guides, we really appreciated you sharing your Island waters"


GR Tarr.  World Cup Spearfishing Champion. World Record mangrove snapper. Deep Freediver and Star of "Oceans in Action" spearfishing movies.

"They know where the fish are and how to get them in the boat"


Ryan McInnis.  Professional underwater photographer and videographer. Spearfisherman.  Founder of InSeaTv.

"an experience that far outweighed any of the challenges the fishing and seas posed"


Mark Laboccetta.  World Class Spearo, World Record Hogfish.  Creator of Maverick America.

"we shot nice dolphinfish and wahoo, exciting adventure"


Odilio Angeli.  World Class Pole Spearfisherman, Star of "Oceans in Action" spearfishing movies.

"Amazing experience and would recommend them to anyone"


George Bovell III.  Olympic medalist, 2x World Champ medalist, former World Record holder, professional swimmer and freediver.

"they really take you to the best spots around! thank you!"


Johny Ortega.  Venezuelan National Spearfishing team.  3x world spearfishing championship contestant.  Professional freediver.

"Very professional team, I really enjoyed myself and I brought dinner home"


Alberto Florio.  Lawyer from Italy and avid spearo.

"Great guys, they put you right on the fish"


Phillip Almandoz.  Businessman from Trinidad and Tobago and organizer of the annual Tobago Freedive Spearfishing Challenge.

Important Notice:  No trips available at the moment.  Sorry for the inconvenience 

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