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Sea Hunt Extreme Ltd is a spearfishing charter created to assist spearos from around the world to experience underwater hunting in Caribbean. Sea Hunt Extreme practices responsible fishing and specializes in Blue Water Hunting, Coastal Spearfishing trips. All trips are strictly freediving and adapted to suit your underwater skills and disposition.



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Brian is a FII certified freediver, licensed Boat Captain and registered fisherman. He's been freedive spearfishing for more than 40 years in the southern Caribbean. His experience in rough seas and strong currents, both as an underwater hunter and boat captain, makes him an excellent spearfishing partner.  Brian represented Trinidad and Tobago in the first One Fish Spearfishing DVD along with his son Richard.  More about Brian here.

Cubera Snapper

Richard is a marine biologist, diving Instructor and FII freediver.  He can freedive to 36m (120ft) and has won First Place in various local and international competitions.  Richard has been featured in world class spearfishing magazines such as Hawaii Skin Diver, Spearing Magazine, IFSN, Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine and others.  He has 20 years of spearfishing experience, eight of them as a professional spearo.  More about Richard here

Barracuda Spearfishing

Important Notice:  No trips available at the moment.  Sorry for the inconvenience 

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