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In order to spearfish with Sea Hunt Extreme, you will need to fly into the A.N.R. Robinson International Airport, in Tobago.  If you can't find a direct flight, you can also fly to Port of Spain (Piarco International Airport) in Trinidad and then get the 20 minute flight from there to Tobago. 




Ideal areas are near Crown Point, Pigeon Point, Plantations, Bacolett, Scarborough and other locations around the south-west of the island for logistics.  House or villas where you can cook your fish are great idea, visit this link to view the different options.




Water temperature is constant all year round from 26 to 29 degrees C (79 to 85 F).  In these conditions,  some people dive with a 1.5mm wetsuit and others don't wear anything.  However, if you want to remain in the water for several hours it is advised to wear a 3mm wetsuit.

The vissibility is normally good with 20 to 25m (70 to 80ft) sometimes 30m (100ft).  Between the months of June and October, the water tends to get a little green with vissibility down to 12 to 15m (35 to 45ft).


Depth range around Tobago is greatly variable.  There are lots of spots to choose from at 10m (30ft),  as well as excellent grounds between 18 and 25m (60 to 80ft) and some nice spots at 30m (100ft) and deeper if interested.  You will only dive where you feel comfortable.  


The wind is constant all year round.  However, August and September are the calmest months of the year providing flat seas almost every day, while December and January are very windy making conditions a bit challenging suitable only for advanced spearos.





Safety is Sea Hunt Extreme's most important concern.  Spearfishing is only carried out in conditions where you feel comfortable.  Your guides are FII certified freedivers with extensive emergency response training. There are first aid kits on board, radio, GPS, life jackets and all the required safety equipment.  Before departure you will be required to sign a standard liability release form.




No permit or license is required to spearfish in Tobago and there are no restrictions. However, Sea Hunt Extreme Ltd encourages responsible fishing practices: respecting endangered species, small fish and hunting only what you can eat.



Downpayments are recommended to secure your trip (contact for bank details). The balance is due in cash at the time of your trip.  If you need to cancel the trip, you will need to do so at least 48 hours before departure to get a full refund, otherwise we can only return 50% of the payment.



Cubera Snapper Spearfishing

Important Notice:  No trips available at the moment.  Sorry for the inconvenience 

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